Clermont-Ferrand 06-04-2022
UG Sphinx 1/12 anonymous Sphinx control
Clermont-Ferrand 12-04-2021
U/X Tron 1/12 Loic L. Ux Tron
MGA 2/12 Unknow MGA
Clermont-Ferrand 11-06-2021
5c la pionce 1/10 Lucas D. Teaching
Big Red 2/10 Romain R. Other
Clermont-Ferrand 10-31-2021
Channel Cascade 1/38 Charles R. Channel
UB Faeries 2/38 Romain M. Faeries
Glitters Affinity 3/38 Victor G. Affinity
Infect 4/38 Marc P. Infect
Gob Recruiter Combo 5/38 Alexis R. Goblin Combo
Curious Tempo 6/38 Simon G. Ux Aggro-control
Jund Cascade 7/38 Sebastien G. Jund
Boros Bully 8/38 Maxime D. Boros Token
Maniac Combo 9/38 Vincent C. Maniac
Hunting Storm 10/38 Jérémy B. Storm
UR Skred 11/38 Alexandre P. Ux Aggro-control
Arcane Tide 12/38 Sylvain C. High Tide
Clermont-Ferrand 10-30-2021
UB Delver 1/92 Guillaume G. UB Delver
Burn 2/92 Sebastien G. Burn
Faeries 3/92 Yohan P. Faeries
Ux Tron 4/92 Loic L. Ux Tron
Bogles 5/92 Anthony C. Bogles
Burn 6/92 Pierre-Jean E. Burn
Affinity 7/92 Marc P. Affinity
Elves 8/92 Adrien D. Elf
Channel Storm 9/92 Guillaume V. Storm
Jace's Top 10/92 Xavier V. Jace's Divining Top
Jund Cascade 11/92 Benjamin S. Jund
Boros Grid 12/92 Yann H. Boros Grid
Boros Bully 13/92 Romain M. Boros Token
Affinity Control 14/92 Ivan B. Affinity
Faeries 15/92 Baptiste B. Faeries
Faeries 16/92 Julien R. Faeries
Hunting Storm 17/92 Lucas D. Storm
MBA Sacrifice 18/92 Yannick B. MBA
Clermont-Ferrand 10-29-2021
Ub Ninja 1/24 Maxime H. Ux Control
RG Goblin Combo 2/24 Jérémy B. Goblin Combo
Ur Skred 3/24 Alexandre P. Ux Control
Jund Cascade 4/24 Gaetan C. Jund
Clermont-Ferrand 10-22-2021
Ur Skred 1/16 Alexandre P. Ux Aggro-control
Jund Cascade 2/16 Loic L. Jund
Hunting Storm 3/16 Lucas D. Storm
Affy 4/16 Joan M. Affinity
Clermont-Ferrand 10-15-2021
Affinity 1/18 Joan M. Affinity
Tron 2/18 Loic L. Ux Tron
MGA 3/18 Hippolyte S. MGA
Mono W Oketra 4/18 Romain R. MWC
UR Skred 5/18 Alexandre P. Ux Aggro-control
Clermont-Ferrand 10-09-2021
Jund Cascade 1/18 Kevin T. Jund
Tron 2/18 Maxime H. Ux Tron
Faeries 3/18 Paul B. Faeries
Hunting Storm 4/18 Lucas D. Storm
Clermont-Ferrand 10-08-2021
Affinity 1/16 Joan M. Affinity
Jund Cascade 2/16 Vincent L. Jund
UW Control 3/16 Romain R. Ux Control
Burn 4/16 Maxime P. Burn
Clermont-Ferrand 06-11-2021
Jund Cascade 1/12 Kevin Tourret Jund
Elf 2/12 Remi Elf
UB Faerie 3/12 Maxime H. Faeries
One land dab 4/12 Lojek Other
Clermont-Ferrand 09-25-2020
Affinity 1/7 David D. Affinity
Clermont-Ferrand 09-04-2020
UB Delver 1/12 Romain UB Delver
RG Aggro 2/12 Nicolas Taiga
RDW 3/12 Vincent RDW
Boros Bully 4/12 Joan Boros Token
Clermont-Ferrand 10-20-2019
Jeskai Snow 1/28 Ivan B. Ux Aggro-control
Grizzly Rock 2/28 Mathieu H. The Rock
Red Assault 3/28 Pierre R. Red Assault
RDW 4/28 Jérémy B. RDW
MGA 5/28 Amaury T. MGA
Clermont-Ferrand 10-19-2019
Jeskai Snow 1/90 Maxime H. Ux Aggro-control
Burn 2/90 Victor H. Burn
Wellspring Snow 3/90 Anthony V Boros Grid
Slivers 4/90 Martin R. Sliver
Elves 5/90 Charlie O. Elf
Boros Monarch 6/90 Maxime D. Boros Token
Jeskai Snow 7/90 Joan M. Ux Aggro-control
MGA 8/90 Clair G. MGA
Clermont-Ferrand 06-01-2019
UR Ptera 1/8 Guillaume Ux Aggro-control
Clermont-Ferrand 05-04-2019
Infect 1/16 Guillaume Infect
Clermont-Ferrand 03-09-2019
Teaching Reclamation 1/13 Lucas D. Ramp
Wellspring 2/13 Jérôme D. Boros Grid
Burn 3/13 Victor H. Burn
Boros Monarch 4/13 Joan M. Boros Grid
Clermont-Ferrand 02-09-2019
Burn 1/12 Guillaume G. Burn
Burn 2/12 Victor H Burn
Heroic 3/12 Haïna C. Heroic
Gruul Aggro 4/12 Nicolas C. Taiga
Clermont-Ferrand 01-05-2019
Wellspring 1/14 Jérôme D Boros Grid
Boros monarch 2/14 Charles D Boros Grid
Boros monarch 3/14 Joan m Boros Grid
Clermont-Ferrand 11-09-2018
winbardement 1/12 Guillaume B. Other
WW Erotic 2/12 Haina C Heroic
Viashino Ghitu Burn 3/12 Victor H Burn
Clermont-Ferrand 10-06-2018
Winbardement 1/20 Kevin A. Other
Gruul Beatdown 2/20 Benjamin S. Taiga
UR Kiln 3/20 Lucas H. Kiln Wee
Ponza Black 4/20 Kevin T. Black Hand
Infect 5/20 Guillaume G. Infect
Elves 6/20 Thibaud M. Elf
Clermont-Ferrand 09-01-2018
UW Familiar 1/27 Lucas D. Familiar
casca taiga 2/27 Benjamin S. Taiga
Boros Monarch 3/27 Charles D. Boros Grid
Slivoides 4/27 Baptiste B. Sliver
The rock 5/27 Kevin T. The Rock
Elfes 6/27 Romain R. Elf
Clermont-Ferrand 08-04-2018
Wellspring Thopter 1/12 Loic L. Boros Grid
UW Familiar 2/12 Lucas D. Familiar
Ivy Combo 3/12 Edithe P. Ivy Combo
Clermont-Ferrand 07-27-2018
Jund control 1/9 Denis L. Jund
Infect 2/9 Guillaume G. Infect
Clermont-Ferrand 06-30-2018
MGA 1/22 Thibaud M. MGA
Orzhov Devotion 2/22 Jérémy B. Black Devotion
Slivers 3/22 Olivier M. Sliver
Wellspring Thopter 4/22 Loic C. Boros Grid
UW Familiar 5/22 Lucas D. Familiar
Clermont-Ferrand 06-02-2018
UW Familiar 1/36 Lucas D. Familiar
Elves 2/36 Joan M. Elf
Affinity Atog 3/36 Denis T. Affinity
Ponza Black 4/36 Kevin T. Black Hand
Dinrova Tron 5/36 Loic L. Ux Tron
UW Blade 6/36 Charles D. Ux Aggro-control
Smallpox 7/36 Adrien D. Smallpox
Dinrova Tron 8/36 Victor H. Ux Tron
Clermont-Ferrand 05-05-2018
Burn 1/27 Anthony Ch. Burn
UW Familiar 2/27 Lucas D. Familiar
Dinrova Tron 3/27 Victor H. Ux Tron
Affinity 4/27 Romain R. Affinity
Faeries 5/27 Gabriel R. Faeries
Faeries 6/27 Thibaud M. Faeries
Clermont-Ferrand 04-07-2018
Oketra 1/29 Charles D. MWC
Wellspring 2/29 Jerome D. Boros Grid
Burn 3/29 Benjamin S. Burn
MGA 4/29 Nicolas C. MGA
Cancerous Land 5/29 Alexis C. MBC
Wellspring Oketra 6/29 Jérémy B. MWC
Zombardement 7/29 Kevin A. Other
UG Ghostly 8/29 Alim D. Clouds of Witness
Clermont-Ferrand 03-03-2018
Wellspring 1/21 Loic L. Boros Grid
Dinrova Tron 2/21 Maxime H. Ux Tron
Dinrova Tron 3/21 Lucas D. Ux Tron
Heroic 4/21 Haïna C. Heroic
Clermont-Ferrand 02-03-2018
Infect 1/26 Guillaume G. Infect
Slivo 2/26 Baptiste B. Sliver
Shaman 3/26 Benjamin S. Taiga
Wellspring 4/26 Jerome D. Boros Grid
Clermont-Ferrand 01-26-2018
Affinity Atog 1/12 Paul B. Affinity
MGA 2/12 Thibaud M. MGA
Faeries 3/12 Guillaume M. Faeries
Boros Monarch 4/12 Denis T. Boros Grid
Clermont-Ferrand 01-19-2018
Rakdos Control 1/16 Kevin T. Blightning
GR Shaman 2/16 Benjamin S. Taiga
Reanimator 3/16 Thomas R. Reanimator
Faeries 4/16 Gabriel R. Faeries
Clermont-Ferrand 01-12-2018
MGA 1/13 Thibaud M. MGA
White Token 2/13 Alim D. Token
Dinrova Tron 3/13 Maxime H. Ux Tron
Temur Threshold 4/13 Victor H. Team Canada
Clermont-Ferrand 01-06-2018
Slivo 1/28 Baptiste B. Sliver
Elf 2/28 Rémy G. Elf
Burn 3/28 Anthony Ch. Burn
Cloud of Witness 4/28 Maxime V. Clouds of Witness
Clermont-Ferrand 12-02-2017
Wellspring 1/22 Jérome D. Boros Grid
Slivers 2/22 Olivier M. Sliver
MGA 3/22 Thibaud M. MGA
The Rock 4/22 Kevin T. The Rock
UR Enigma 5/22 Florian H. UR Drake
UW Stoneblade 6/22 Charles D. Ux Aggro-control
Clermont-Ferrand 11-04-2017
MGA 1/26 Benjamin S. MGA
Dimir Flicker 2/26 Victor H. Blink
Infect 3/26 Guillaume G. Infect
Br Devotion 4/26 Maxime V. Black Devotion
Bw Devotion 5/26 Kevin T. Black Devotion
Clermont-Ferrand 10-07-2017
Oketra 1/26 Jérémy B. MWC
Cloud of Witness 2/26 Kevin A. Clouds of Witness
Slivers 3/26 Olivier M. Sliver
MGA 4/26 Benjamin S. MGA
MBH 5/26 Virgil Ls. MBA
Clermont-Ferrand 09-02-2017
Slivers 1/28 Baptiste B. Sliver
G Tron 2/28 Loic L. Ramp
UG Ghostly 3/28 Thomas R. Clouds of Witness
Faeries 4/28 Olivier M. Faeries
Clermont-Ferrand 08-05-2017
MBC Devotion 1/20 Kevin T. Black Devotion
Slivers 2/20 Baptiste B. Sliver
Faeries 3/20 Vincent H. Faeries
UR Kiln 4/20 Quentin B. Kiln Wee
Gx Tron 5/20 Loic L. Ramp
Clermont-Ferrand 07-01-2017
Hidden Stockpile 1/29 Romain R. Other
Slivers 2/29 Baptiste B. Sliver
Infect 3/29 Guillaume G. Infect
Infect 4/29 Jérémy B. Infect
Faeries 5/29 Willie R. Faeries
Slivers 6/29 Olivier M. Sliver
Thermo Swarm 7/29 Charles D. Thermo Swarm
Br Devotion 8/29 Kevin T. Black Devotion
Clermont-Ferrand 06-03-2017
Faeries 1/17 Olivier M. Faeries
RDW 2/17 Kevin A. RDW
Bogles 3/17 Silvain C. Bogles
Jace's Top 4/17 Lucas D. Jace's Divining Top
Clermont-Ferrand 05-08-2017
Jund 1/16 Kevin T. Jund
Wellspring 2/16 Anthony V. Boros Grid
Teaching Grixis 3/16 Maxime H. Teaching
RDW 4/16 Kevin A. RDW
Clermont-Ferrand 04-01-2017
BR Rack 1/21 Emmanuel S. The Rack
Slivoïde 2/21 Baptiste B. Sliver
MGA 3/21 Virgil Ls. MGA
Jund 4/21 Kevin T. Jund
MBC 5/21 Jean-Pierre R. Black Devotion
Clermont-Ferrand 03-06-2017
Faeries 1/24 Thibaud M. Faeries
Dark Spider 2/24 Mathieu H. Dark Spiders
Mono W token 3/24 Morgan G. Token
Naya Metalcraft 4/24 Denis T. Metalcraft
Pox 5/24 Olivier M. Smallpox
Clermont-Ferrand 02-04-2017
Arcane Tide 1/17 Maxime H. High Tide
Greed Control 2/17 Romain R. Affinity
Clouds of Witness 3/17 Thomas R. Clouds of Witness
Dark Spidder 4/17 Ludwig B. Dark Spiders
Clermont-Ferrand 09-17-2016
Aura Hexproof 1/8 Anthony Ch. Bogles
Clermont-Ferrand 07-09-2016
Patriot wellspring 1/7 Anthony V. Wellspring
Burn 2/7 Kevin Burn
Clermont-Ferrand 06-11-2016
Elfe 1/7 Anthony Ch. Elf
Burn 2/7 Kevin Burn
Clermont-Ferrand 02-20-2016
Mono noir 1/9 Guillaume Black Devotion
RDW 2/9 Kevin RDW
Clermont-Ferrand 12-13-2015
B/R control 1/7 Victor Blightning
Eldrazi Wall 2/7 Lucas Ramp