[Online] Cockatrice Tournament - 2016-05-07 Apr 25, 2016, 12:40 AM
zombie33 Software : Cockatrice !
Beginning : Monday 4th May
Duration :
- First phase : 06/04 - 16/04
- Final phase : as soon as possible - 24/04
1 week (first phase) + 1 week (final phase)

Tournament's rules / advices :

- Each player must have an account on Woogerworks. Please register before the beginning of the tournament.
- You can't let spectators see yours hands (in game configuration), since it could allow for cheating.
- You must add all the players in the tournament to your buddy list.
- It's an international tournament, so everyone must speak english.
- We play peasant, we are not at the world magic cup, keep it cool.

How does it go ? :

- Match duration : 1 hour on the cockatrice room time (+5 turns after the time runs out if needed).
- You subscribe by copying your cockatrice nickname and the hash of your deck in the google document. How can i find my hash ?
- After each game, results must be writen both in the Google document and here.
- The final pool consists of the two best players from each pool, or the Top 8 (depending on the number of players).


We hope to read some reports from the tournament, and if you make it to the final pool, don't forget to submit your decklist.

Good luck everyone and enjoy your tournament !

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m3m3p4sm4l May 26, 2016, 12:59 PM 1) I don't understand why it is a big deal to add 2 or 3 days to a tournament to let players finish their matches when they could not before and when they want to do them. I warned a long time ago that I wont be available till tuesday
I can understand that there must be a deadline for players who do want to play in the tournament anymore and make the tournament last forever, but it is far from beeing my case
the match vs sister_morphine was played, why shall we not take it into account ?

2) I have been connected several times before last friday and this tuesday as well, and I did not see my opponents.
why should I have a loss 0-1 instead of a 1-1, it is not fair, my opponents were not available when I was, I tried my best, I am often connected and I never missed a single match in previous tournaments
I never see Loumpa when I'm connected, Why Should I get a defeat and him a victory, we had both constraints last week, and we could not meet, it is totally arbitrary to decide who's fault it is.

3) the tournament's result are flawed, it is totally unfair for Galactic president and Lorebroker because I defeated them, therefore when they saw me tuesday, they should have say :"no I don't want to play against you, I will get a free '1-0' not doing so ".
If we want a fair result for players who've done all their matches then we must just cancel all the matches vs me, otherwise it is not fair.

Max2070 May 28, 2016, 12:55 PM I didn't folloz this tournament but the complaint from m3m3p4sm4l seems pretty legit, m3m3p4sm4l did you finished your all yours games afterward or is it some matches remaining ?

Max2070 May 28, 2016, 4:30 PM The match m3m3p4sm4l 2-0 Sistermorphine has been played and even if it was late (the players warned that they will be unavailable) there is no reason to not count it (in order to get the best result final ranking).

Now a problem is remaining and it's clearly due to the fact that even with an additional weak a match remains unplayed ... So yes put arbitrary the result of m3m3p4sm4l VS Loumpa is unfair ( especially for others players ) BUT we have absolutely no clue about how many time this match will remains unplayed ... And here it's not the fault of organizer but players who are not playing ...

I'm not against give additionnal week when players communicate on their unavailability on the forum (which is really great !!), but it must have a limit ... And we are soon on the 4th week ...

What I see here is fixing the last result won't change "a lot" the final ranking ... so it will be 1-1 and this final ranking :

Players pts diff

1- m3m3p4sm4l 10 3
2- Portugais 9 3
3- sister_morphine 9 2
4- Loumpa 7 0
5- GalacticPresident 6 -2
6- Lorebroker 3 -6

The key point in those tournaments is COMMUNICATION, if you don't play without have warned of unavailability or giving yours availabilities, organizer will have no sight on what's happening and you will not be able to complaint at the end ...

m3m3p4sm4l May 29, 2016, 11:37 AM I'm still available if Loumpa wants to play the last match in order to get a true and fair result in the tournament.
If the tournament stops here:
As it is both my and loumpa's fault if we did not play the last match, may be we can just ignore the match in the final result (it means that we don't get 1 point for the Draw), which might be fairer for other players. In that case both me and portugais are at 9-3 and portugais has beaten me, therefore he might take the 1st place(I dont know how to calculate the opponent win rate thing they use in official tournament).

m3m3p4sm4l May 29, 2016, 11:40 AM anyway!
I was playing this:
which I think would be better without the " artifacts + fangren marauder " thing, unless there are a lot of decks burn in the meta.

15 Forest
4 Quirion Ranger
4 Fyndhorn Elves
4 Llanowar Elves
4 Priest of Titania
4 Channel
4 Ulamog's Crusher
4 Fierce Empath
3 Elvish Aberration
1 Artisan of Kozilek
1 Kozilek's Channeler
2 Fangren Marauder
4 Chromatic Star
4 Chromatic Sphere
2 Lotus Petal
SB: 2 Scattershot Archer
SB: 3 Relic of Progenitus
SB: 4 Reclaiming Vines
SB: 1 Crushing Vines
SB: 1 Blightwidow
SB: 4 Thermokarst

Loumpa May 29, 2016, 10:22 PM 4 Raven's Crime
4 Hymn to Tourach
3 Yavimaya Elder
2 Eternal Witness
2 Demonic Tutor
1 Engineered Plague
4 Grisly Salvage
3 Gurmag Angler
3 Fume Spitter
4 Unearth
2 Ghastly Demise
1 Diabolic Edict
1 Tilling Treefolk
4 Jungle Hollow
4 Golgari Guildgate
3 Haunted Fengraf
2 Bojuka Bog
8 Swamp
3 Forest
2 Crypt Rats
SB: 4 Duress
SB: 3 Caustic Caterpillar
SB: 1 Reaping the Graves
SB: 1 Fume Spitter
SB: 2 Moment's Peace
SB: 2 Feed the Clan
SB: 2 Diabolic Edict

GalacticPresident May 29, 2016, 11:30 PM 4 Arbor Elf
4 Utopia Sprawl
4 Wild Growth
1 Artisan of Kozilek
1 Pelakka Wurm
3 Sylvan Library
3 Nylea's Disciple
4 Llanowar Sentinel
3 Fierce Empath
4 Voyaging Satyr
3 Vessel of Nascency
3 Desert
18 Forest
1 Wickerbough Elder
4 Aurochs Herd
SB: 4 Thermokarst
SB: 1 Nylea's Disciple
SB: 3 Gut Shot
SB: 3 Moment's Peace
SB: 3 Gleeful Sabotage
SB: 1 Wickerbough Elder

GalacticPresident Jun 2, 2016, 4:18 PM @tournament organizer: Is this tournament going to show up in the results anytime soon?

zombie33 Jun 2, 2016, 4:33 PM done