[Online] Peasant Tournaments - September 2016 Aug 27, 2016, 10:14 AM
zombie33 The summer is finished, now we will use a new system for our tournament. Now, each month i will create a single topic for peasant's tournament.
For a better understanding, only two google docs will be used each month.

Saturday 03 September : Peasant tournament
* Google Doc : Registration & Pairing
* System of tournament : pool
* First phase - duration : one week
* Second phase - duration : one week

Saturday 10 September : Peasant tournaments - 8 players max
* Google Doc : Registration & Pairing
* All the tournaments begins at 12:00 - No registration allowed after this deadline.
* Every player can subscribe up to 4 tournaments. The exact number of tournament will depend on the number of registred players.
* Duration : 3 weeks (one game per week per tournament you subscribe)
* End of each tournament : before the next pool tournament in October.

Tournament's rules / advices :

- Each player must have an account on Woogerworks. Please register before the beginning of the tournament.
- You can't let spectators see yours hands (in game configuration), since it could allow for cheating.
- You must add all the players in the tournament to your buddy list.
- It's an international tournament, so everyone must speak english.
- We play peasant, we are not at the world magic cup, keep it cool.

How does it go ? :

- You must give your hash in this topic when you subscribe.
- Match duration : 1 hour on the cockatrice room time (+5 turns after the time runs out if needed).
- You must play at least one match per Week.
- When a round is finish, the next one begins.
- If a player want to drop the tournament or can't play during a week, he must tell it on this topic. Please don't let your opponents waiting for nothing.
- If you don't communicate on this topic and you didn't play a game before the deadline, you could have a game loss or a DQ. Please communicate !

More informations and rules about the "8 players max" tournaments :

How join the tournament ?
If you want to join, you must go in the sheet "Pairing" and subscribe before the deadline. To subscribe you must :
- Give your nickname and your Cockatrice Nickname (Column B and C)
- Choose how many 8-players tournament you want to do simultaneously (Column D).
You never choose your opponents or which tournament you join, only the number of tournament you want to do. If it's your first participation, an error message will appear in the spreadsheet with your cockatrice nickname. This error is irrelevant for the tournament, and will be fix later don't worry about this.

Beginning of the tournament
When this multi-tournament begin, registration are closed, the random pairing of the first round appear. At this moment, some registration can be deleted in order to keep the "8 players maximum" condition and also satisfy the largest amount of players. Don't be surprise if you play less tournament as you asked for. Furthermore, the third tournament can be cancelled.
When the tournament start and before you play your first match you must share your hash code in the sheet "Pairing". The Hash is the code of your deck in Cockatrice. They are four column for hash : E , F, G , H corresponding to the four tournaments, be careful to the color.

Tournament Play
Each round must be finish in a week, in each case the deadline is saturday. When a round is over, the next one start instantly and automaticaly with new pairing.
You can send a private message to your opponent in order to fix a date to play, this is really important. If you have no response, you must say it on the mtgpeasant forum. If you don't communicate on the tournament(s topic and you didn't play a game before the deadline, you could have a game loss or a DQ. In other case, your score will be a tie 1-1.

End of the tournament
At the end of tournament, you must fill the sheet "Archetypes" and share what deck you played during each tournament. Furthermore if you are in the top of this tournament you must share your decklist on the tournament's topic on mtgpeasant.com.

This rules can also be find in the google-doc.

Good luck everyone and enjoy your tournaments !

PS : One more usefull link : Folder of online tournaments

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sister_morphine Oct 3, 2016, 1:49 PM @max, @current discussion: No, of course not, since I play 4 fun, too. But this argument of yours is a killer phrase. Why play tourneys at all if u don't care for winning them or at least make the top ranks? Then I could also ask some guys I know to play some rounds of peasant with me.

That's why I would like to underline what galactic president said:

I think the cost of listing the top2 players instead of just 1 is close to non-existent and is in-line with the amount of players we usually list based on the amount of participants.

Exactly: Let challonge do the maths. Top 2 is easily calculated and the competitive level is kept up till the last games for most of the players. That's what I meant

Max2070 Oct 3, 2016, 5:25 PM @all : the principe of the decklists on mtg-peasant is the same as every "deck-check"-like or "mtgtop8"-like. I want to have a database of decks which have performed. It could be IRL or online tournament. 2-1 is clearly not a significative result. And the fact only 1 deck is registred in this website should not have any impact on the tournament (like any mtgtop8 website with IRL tournament).

@GalacticPresident : register top2 players instead of just 1 is not fair. It's abitrary to choose a guy with 2-1 (even with a random criteria like diff or OMW considering the number of match). If a register a guy with 2-1, I register every guy with 2-1 (which is basicely the half of the tournament ...)

This evening I will post the rules to determine the number of tournament (I have some spare time)

Max2070 Oct 3, 2016, 5:39 PM

Why play tourneys at all if u don't care for winning them or at least make the top ranks?

I don't understand, you still can be happy to be in top rank even if you don't appear on the website ... Another point I don't understand, when I'm doing 2-1 to a tournament, I know that the half of tournament players have the same result as me, so I would not be so proud to appears at the "rank 2" on mtg-peasant (in fact for me a tournament of 3 round is not relevant except for the guy at 3-0).

GalacticPresident Oct 3, 2016, 8:20 PM Ok, you are right. Many players with 2-1 records make it kind of futile.

sister_morphine Oct 4, 2016, 9:36 AM Got your point now. I was thinking of the challonge-system, which provides a clear ranking even with a lot of 2-1s, based on tiebrakers and so on. But maybe this isn't worth it in an 8players-Tourney after all.