[Online] Cockatrice Tournament - 2016-02-20 Feb 8, 2016, 10:58 PM
Toufmade Software : Cockatrice !
Beginning : Saturday 9th January
Approximative duration : 1 week (first phase) + 1 week (final phase)

Tournament's rules / advices :

- Each player must have an account on Woogerworks. Please register, before the beginning of the tournament. (if you disconnect without having an account, it's game lost)
- You can't let spectators see yours hands (in game configuration). Indeed some cheat is possible in that way.
- Add all the players of the tournament, on your buddy list.
- We play peasant, be cool with your opponent, we are not at the world magic cup

How does it go ? :

- Match duration : 1 hour on cockatrice timer + 5 additional turn.
- It's an international tournament so, everybody must speak english on this topic.
- You subscribe by putting your cockatrice nickname with the hash of your deck on the google document. How can i find my hash ?
- Your opponent's list will be on the Google Doc. You can used this topic to fix a meeting for your game.
- After each game, results must be write on the Google document and on this topic.
- The final step is a pool composed of the 8 best players of the first phase.


We hope to read some report after the end of the tournament and don't forget to give your decklist at the end of the tournament if you are on the final phase.

Good luck everyone and enjoy your tournament !

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Toufmade Mar 4, 2016, 3:16 PM Results
1er : Max2070 12 pts (cumul, 21pts) - MonoG Infect
2ème : Toufmade 12 pts (Cumul, 24pts) - Fearie FTW
3ème : Bri 9pts (Cumul, 19pts) - Bant Madness
4ème : Noobelou 6pts (cumul, 16pts) - Heroic
5ème : Loumpa 3pts (Cumul, 9pts)- Monkey Fap
6ème : Vlalutscher 3pts (Cumul, 12pts) -UG Infect

Lorebroker Mar 5, 2016, 3:18 PM I wouldn't call Bri's deck Bant Madness. It has a clear black part, so it's 4 Color Madness (4CMadness)!

Toufmade Mar 5, 2016, 4:46 PM Me too, but it's Bri who call his deck "Bant Madness" in Gdoc =)

Bri Mar 5, 2016, 7:01 PM Then u unintentionally slipped in the Lane. It was Lorebroker who did that. I named mine crop madness because i play crop rotation and i like the card so much

Toufmade Mar 5, 2016, 9:40 PM I change it