Cockatrice tournament system May 12, 2016, 4:53 PM
GalacticPresident I think the system for the cockatrice tournaments with group stage and final stage is great, with one exception. Two people from each group advance to the final pool to play against the successful players from the other pools. The result from the match between the two players from the same group is transferred, which means it counts double, once for the group stage and again in the final pool. It is now possible to win the group stage but still go to the final pool with a loss if one happens to have only lost against the second seed of one's group. I think we should find a way to change that because it is just not fair and also distorts the end result!
Imagine this: Player 1 wins group A with 4 wins and 1 loss to Player 2. Player 2 comes in second with 3 wins and 2 losses. In the final pool, both players win the same amount of matches. In this case, player 2 ends up in front of player 1 in the final standings, despite having won 1 match less.

In my point of view, the player with the most points in his group should have an edge in the final pool, no matter if he won or lost against the player who happens to come in second.

I can think of 2 fair scenarios who the system could be changed:
1: The results from the group stage are not transferred at all.
2: The results from the group stage are not transferred at all and the group winners enter the final pool with +3 points.

What do you guys think of that?

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