Midnight magic 30 players! Aug 25, 2017, 7:24 PM
zombie33 A 30 players tournament registered on mtgtop8.com and we have no information about it.
In which town this tournament happened ? Are they doing regular tournaments in this town ? Do they have other lists and maybe the full meta game?

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I hope they can see this message !

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zombie33 Aug 25, 2017, 7:27 PM Ok it wasn't difficult to find... It's the 2017 gencon of Indianapolis.

Manudesbois Aug 26, 2017, 1:10 AM Actually they didn't exactly use the same rules since they put back the old rule "Cards from virtual sets not permitted, you must play with the officially printed paper card.".
This is confusing but appart from that, it's great. Too bad we just have the top 2

Zayll Sep 2, 2017, 4:56 AM I was actually the winner of that event, the rest of the top 4 were Mono-Green Stompy and Mono-Black Devotion. I don't have exact lists for either player, but I know the Devotion list wasn't running anything too techy, his UCs were 3 Gifted Aetherborn and 2 Vampire Nighthawk. The Mono-Green deck looked pretty stock except for the addition of some number or Rogue Elephants.

Decks I know were in the room included at least 2 Elfball lists, a red-white value artifacts deck, 1 Mono-Green and 1 U/G infect decks, 1 R/B Reanimator deck, and several Burn decks, including the one I beat in the finals.

If you have any more questions I will do my best to answer.

zombie33 Sep 3, 2017, 8:17 PM Hi Zayll ! Of course i've got some questions.
- Can you do a report of your tournament ?
- How many game did you play and win ? Is they're a top8 or a top4 maybe ?
- Do you know if some players of the gencon are members of a community of peasant players ? (maybe you ?) I'm searching every tournament who may be organised in your country in order to have more results on mtgpeasant.

Zayll Sep 4, 2017, 1:56 AM The tournament was a 30 player single elimination event played through a bracket system with random seedings. Due to having 30 players, and not 32, two players received first round byes. There was no cut, the tournament was played straight through until there was one player undefeated, matches were typical best of 3's using the Vancouver mulligan rule.

I only knew two other players in the event, and this was my first time playing the Peasant format. After talking with the T/O I found out that he and another guy alternate hosting the event at GenCon Indy each year. Jason, the player who came in second, plays Peasant online in some fashion, though I'm not sure if it is through MTGO or an emulator. I'm not sure how much any of the other players are active in the Peasant community. I do not play any digital form of MTG, so the ability to play in Pauper/Peasant events locally is sparse.

Zayll Sep 4, 2017, 2:09 AM Tournament Report

I was piloting a U/B Thopter Sword list that I had built primarily through theory crafting, and I started out by playing against Red/White artifacts. My opponent made some synergy plays to draw some extra cards, but couldn't establish a fast clock, having only a Glint Hawk for pressure. This gave me plenty of time to dig for my combo, and once I had the loop established he couldn't find a way to break it. Game two I was able to establish the combo much more quickly, and save for an Angelic Purge that I countered with Muddle the Mixture, my opponent didn't play any meaningful interaction. 2-0 vs R/W Artifacts, 1-0 for the event.

Round 2 I played against Elfball. In game one my opponent played out a few mana elves to get on the board early, while I slowed his aggression with Edicts and cantripped through my deck. Around turn 5-6 he had a decent amount of pressure on the board and knocked me down as low as seven life, but I established the combo, and he didn't draw an out, so I ground him out over the course of the next five turns. In the second game his start was even faster, playing out three mana elves, a Priest of Titania, an Essence Warden, and a Nettle Sentinal over the course of the first three turns, but a timely Cower in Fear to trade five for one left him low on pressure and out of gas. It was fairly elementary for me to put together the combo over the next three turns, and he scooped two turns later. 2-0 vs Elfball, 2-0 for the event.

Round 3 was against Mono-Green Infect. In the first game he came out swinging quickly with a turn one Glistener Elf, followed by a second Elf and a Rancor on two, and a second Rancor + Invigorate on three to poison me out before my turn three. In the next game I kept a hand heavy on removal and cantrips, which enabled me to find everything I needed. I killed his first seven creatures through a combination of Edicts and Cower in Fears, taking 0 poison damage and leaving him with Viridian Betrayers as his only non-land permanent. I put together the combo over the course of the next couple turns and ground him out a few turns later. In game three I kept a hand with the combo already in it, and looked to force it early. He chose to Nature's Claim my Sword of the Meek on turn three, but I was still able to establish the loop on turn four by sacrificing a Seat of the Synod. He never found a meaningful way to force through damage and I ground him out over the course of the next handful of turns. 2-1 vs Mono-Green Infect, 3-0 for the event.

Round 4 was the semifinals, and I played against Mono-Green Stompy. His first draw started quickly, playing out a Nettle Sentinal and Rogue Elephant over the first couple turns, and through beats + pumps beat me down to five over the course of the next few turns. However while he was focused on attacking me, I was digging through my deck to find the cards I needed. A pair of edicts cleared his board, and despite having a Silhana Ledgewalker with a Rancor as a follow up, I established the combo and outscaled any meaningful pressure he could present. In game two he had a reluctant keep, playing out a Silhana Ledgewalker as his first spell on turn two. He followed this up with a pair of Rancors on turn three, but I played a Diabolic Edict in response to the second one, leaving him with no pressure. I took the time he gave me to dig through my deck, make my land drops, and set up the combo. Since I wasn't under pressure I waited until I could establish the combo with Counterspell held up. He attempted to Naturalize my Foundry, but I countered it, and he scooped the next turn flashing me a handful of pump spells and wishing me luck in the finals. 2-0 vs Mono-Green Stompy, 4-0 for the event.

Round 5, the finals, was against my friend Jason, who beat my other friend John in the semis, on Mono-Red Thermo-Burn. He started with a pair of creatures, a Monastery Swiftspear on one and a Thermo-Alchemist on two, followed by a flurry of burn spells on turns three and four. I answered back with a pair of edicts on his creatures, largely mitigating the damage they would have dealt, and a series of cantrips to dig through my deck. He burned me as low as five life before I established the combo, but after his last all in on landfalled Searing Blaze into double Fireblast failed to kill me he scooped and we headed to game two. My draw was outstanding in game two, featuring Blue Elemental Blast, a Dispel, two Dismal Backwaters, an Innocent Blood, a Preordain and a Serum Visions. He again started on Swiftspear, this time with a Firebrand Archer followup. I cantripped into another Innocent Blood to clear his board, then Counterspelled his next relevant play while casting more cantrips. I eventually drew into a Foundry + Muddle the Mixture, which transmuted into Sword of the Meek. He played two Smash to Smithereens on my Foundry, one countered by BEB and the other by Dispel. He tried to set up a winning line over the next few turns, including a surprise Volcanic Fallout to relieve a lot of the pressure on him. Eventually he went all in on double Fireblast + Lightning Bolt, but a Muddle the Mixture left me at three life and him with no permanents and hellbent. I untapped and made six Thopters and he extended the hand. 2-0 vs Mono-Red Thermo-Burn. Overall 10-1 in games, 5-0 in matches to become the sole undefeated.

As I mentioned in my prior post, this was my first event in the Peasant format. I play a lot of paper formats, though Legacy is by far my favorite, and I really enjoyed the opportunity to get to try out something new.

zombie33 Sep 4, 2017, 9:46 AM Thanks for this report.
Maybe you can share the list of your friend jason ? (and maybe the mga list too)

Zayll Sep 4, 2017, 1:15 PM I don't have the MGA list and Jason's list is already posted, it is the second place Thermo-Burn deck.

Zayll Sep 4, 2017, 1:17 PM I might be able to get the 4th place Mono-Black Devotion list.

Manudesbois Sep 5, 2017, 1:42 PM Thanks Zayll, it's great having your feedback