Archetypes Jul 25, 2017, 10:13 PM
Lorebroker Some things I observed:

There is a Shamans deck in the "Other" category which belongs to Taiga.

In the "Black Hand" archetype section is an RG Pez Post-deck...

We had a few high Dinrova Tron finishes lately and some Teachings.
To me these are two quite different archetypes. Could we have a Tron-Control archetype similar to the old 8-Post-Decks? To me it is not the same as Ux-Control where Teachings indeed belong.

In the "Other" category are some Selesnya-Decks (Rallier and Musha). Why does GW Control get an own archetype and those not?

Those old "Moosebite"-decks from yesteryear listed in "Other" - aren't those Rock decks??

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