[CockaTournament] AbyssalEasley Oct 9, 2016, 2:54 PM
AbyssalEasley Hi !

I hate to say again and again the same things so I say here for the last time my disponibilities for online tournaments.
Fron monday to friday : 17h to 19h (end game at 20h)
Saturday : 16h to 17h (end game 18h)
Sunday : 14h to 16h (en game 17h) and 19h to 23h (end game midnight).

There is another think I hate more than recall, the AFK. When I am connected, I am ready to play and on the starting block. When I am not, I am disconnected. I can't support to try to contact somebody connected and waiting 3 hours this guy respond because he was AFK to see the last episode of Game of Trone, playing on Call of Duty or shawing his yorkshire... So contact me to fix a date during my disponibilities or I will not be connected. Thanks.

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Manudesbois Oct 9, 2016, 8:35 PM Everyone is not going to create a topic to give their availabilities, it would be a mess...

The rules you give are your own, you can't force people to act like you. If you're tired of waiting, just go. People will contact you by MP. If they don't, do it yourself.

AbyssalEasley Oct 22, 2016, 9:28 AM That's the problem with forum monocategorie. If we had a part of the forum for that, we will not always search for disponibilities of other members.

It worked well for Warhammer, why not here ? An italian had made a soft for playing Warhammer Fantasy Battle online (when Games Workshop had not yet killed this fantastic game), we had a forum for this soft with a part of this forum where each member had his topic. For tournaments it was wonderfull, we just had to find the topic of this player, view the last post to see changements of disponibilities, and defiate him in his disponibilities. There were rarely matches unplayed and often the matches of one round were played in 1 or 2 days ! The biggest tournament made on this sorft had nearest of 40 players and no round made more than 4 days. Tournaments were very fast and well organized.

I think if we can have a forum specially for the disponibilities of members, we will play more efficiently.