Arcane Tide Jul 31, 2015, 12:22 PM
Out_of_the_Blue Hey fellas,

Recently, i started playing Pauper / Peasant (because there is monthly FNM at my LGS).

I got hooked on Arcane Tide (after playing against it (cockatoo) on Cocaktrice). I want to share the current playtest decklist (~95% netdecked). I hope to get some feedback, especially on sideboard (being new to the format, it's hard to guess which cards will disrupt this deck). Some chat about this deck tricks would be nice too ;-)

18 Island

4 Preordain
4 Ponder
4 Brainstorm
1 Gitaxian Probe
4 Reach Through Mists
4 Merchant Scroll
4 Peer Through Depths
4 Ideas Unbound
1 Toils of Night and Day
4 Psychic Puppetry
4 High Tide
2 Petals of Insight
2 Dampen Thought

SB: 4 Snap (Tempo + mana vs creatures bases decks)
SB: 3 Mental Misstep (opponent own MM - Counterspells)
SB: 3 Dispel (vs Counterwall)
SB: 2 Envelop (vs discard / land destruction)
SB: 2 Deep Analysis (vs discard ?)
SB: 1 Rebuild (vs some kind of Affinity deck ?)

Ps : The maindeck is 100% Pauper for what it's worth.

Some card choices :
- A second Dampen Thought in case my first copy gets discarded or used to generate mana with Psychic Puppetry / used to clear a Brainstorm.
- Toils of Night and Day, i like how this acts as a pseudo Turnabout for 3 mana in this deck.

Potential cards :
Turnabout ?
Oona's Grace ?
Words of Wisdom (bad cantrip, but enable to kill before opponent untaps)
Gigadrowse (Isn't splicing Psychic Puppetry eot on Reach Through Mists / Peer Through Depths enough to timewalk / cut mana from our opponent ?)
Piracy Charm (Snap #5 ?)
Mystical Tutor (Merchant Scroll #5 ?)
Accumulated Knowledge (vs discard metagame ?)

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Max2070 Aug 3, 2015, 11:46 AM Your Sideboard greatly depends on yours MU ...

I'll advice you to test against those decks :




- Familiar
- UB/UW thopter combo-control


- MBC devotion

It'll be interesting to get your feedbacks !!