[France] Peasant Tournement in Terville - 06 Nov 2016 Oct 22, 2016, 7:11 PM
Arcueid Guild of Gamers, gaming association supported by MagicCardMarket, is glad to welcome you for a Game day the Sunday 06 November.

Very next to Luxembourg, Germany and Belgium border,

18 players competed during our last Peasant event in September

Program is the following:
9h30-14h30 : Peasant Tournement, max 24 player, Reward : MagicCardMarket voucher, registration fee:10 euros
15h-20h: Modern Tournement, max 32 player, Reward : MagicCardMarket voucher, registration fee:15 euros

Rewards are detailled on the Facebook event page.

Deck list to be provided

Address: France, rue du marché, Terville, salle de l'ancienne phototéque.
Webpage: http://www.guildofgamers.fr/
Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/192175167892636/
Contact and pre-registration: magic@guildofgamers.fr

On-site food (snack, drink, sweets).

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